Thursday, July 24, 2008

Updates on my manga work

I'm back, as promised, and the calculus manga book is now completed and published. I've also moved to the Los Angeles area, and am looking forward to a new phase in my life.

The all-digital workflow that I used for this book worked beautifully. At the beginning, while I was still getting used to the Cintiq, each page was taking as much time as when I was finishing my first book. But once I got used to it, there was no comparison in terms of speed and convenience.

Also, thanks to my readers out there, my evolution manga is now on its third printing (the second printing of 1,000 lasted less than two months). I got a big boost in sales when I got it on the shelves at the gift shop of the National Science Museum in Tokyo, during the Darwin exhibit. That exhibit is now in Osaka, so I'm hoping that'll help sales too.

And now, I'm excited to see how the calculus manga will do.

But, this is only the beginning, so my next project will be to work on skills and ideas necessary to do a weekly series of fiction. I plan to become a hermit very soon...


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