Friday, December 15, 2006

Fatherhood and exercising

My wife has been pregnant with a baby girl for a few months now! Things have been quite hectic in the house to say the least, so don’t be surprised if the blog entries for the following months seem a bit random in content.

In preparation for fatherhood (also for general health and for having more stamina to work on manga), I’ve started exercising last month. Since college, I’ve gained 25 pounds so I’ll need to get into better shape soon.

Speaking of fitness, the Boston Red Sox signed on Daisuke Matsuzaka, a pitcher who’s considered a national treasure in Japan. As a Red Sox fan, I’m psyched. As a Japanese fan, I’m relieved to get a star Japanese player here in Boston because it gets tiring hearing Japanese people one-sidedly cheering on the Yankees just because of Hideki Matsui. My editor in Japan is a big fan of Mr. Matsui, who I also think is a great player and a gentleman. People in Japan seem to have forgotten about the rivalry between the Red Sox and Yankees. But now a lot more people across the Pacific will be cheering on both sides of the competition.

Welcome to Boston, Mr. Matsuzaka! Go Sox!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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